Dog DNA Test Reviews

Here on Dog DNA Test Reviews we are strong supporters of getting dogs DNA tested and knowing where they’re coming from. It’s something that we believe should be done both for purebred and for mixed breed dogs, but especially for the ones whose parents are unknown. It’s not for the owner’s benefit, it’s so that the dogs can get the best care and knowing towards what kind of health issues they’re predisposed is a part of that.

Why You Should Test Your Dog’s DNA

The time when you should seriously consider getting one of these tests is if it’s a mixed dog, since you can find out for sure what breed his parents were. By knowing the breed of the parents you know what kind of health problems he might have in the future, so you know what signs to look for.

Another reason is that once you know, you can adapt his meals to give him the things he needs. For example, if the parent is the type of dog that has a predisposition for liver problems, giving the dog food that doesn’t affect that organ will keep him healthy in his old age.

The temperament is another thing that is influenced by the genetic legacy of the dog. Some breeds require obedience training in order to make sure they understand who the master is, or they might need to be taught that people are not chew toys. It’s good to know ahead of time if they need extra attention in some areas.

How it works

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